What to look for when you buy your new TV

What to look for when you buy your new TV

To buy a new television is a tough decision to make, with hundreds of varieties of TVs available in the market for different price ranges. Choosing the right one for you can be an overwhelming experience. Many manufacturers incorporate extra features, clear sound technologies, HD picture quality, and Wi-Fi connectivity in their TVs to get you buy the product. This guide will run you through the basic information that you will need to count on when you buy your new TV.

Picture quality
Picture quality is definitely the important feature that you should look upon. Of course, many manufactures claim to have a HD technology installed but never get carried away. Take time to watch the TV and know about its display configurations. A good picture quality display delivers great viewing experience and is worth the cash. Check if the TV has a deep shade of black and the best combination of colors which is the major ingredient in picture quality.

TV Size
The bigger it is, the better it looks. However, that still that does not suit everybody. People may be looking for a 40” one for their compact bed room. This is how you should choose on the size. You should probably buy the TV which fits to your room, cabinet, or entertainment center. A distance of 9 feet from the place of your seating and the TV gives the best viewing experience if your TV is 60” and above. However big the TV may be, note to leave a one inch space on all the four sides for ventilation.

Look out for 4K and HDR
It is common to find a 4k resolution TV for around $800 among the local brands. 4K TVs have four times the number of pixels as standard 1080p resolution TVs. Though they have improved in a span of time it is difficult to differentiate the sharpness between old HD TVs and 4K TVs. Even people who seek to buy budget TVs can still opt HDR compatible televisions as they are available of a lesser price. HRD delivers better color and contrast when compared with 4K.

Have an idea of how many devices you want your TV to be connected with and see if the TV has the least that many HDMI ports. It should have an USB port, DVI, VGA, Optical, coax, and more for quick connection and easy to display videos and pictures. Fortunately, modern smart TVs has all the ports that you are looking for. A TV should have a minimum of 2 to 4 HDMI ports that can attend to a cable box, receiver, Blue Ray player, video game console, a streaming device, or a smartphone.

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