What you need to know about walk-in shower designs

What you need to know about walk-in shower designs

Walk-in showers have become one of the most popular shower designs lately. This style of shower design is versatile and can be adapted to different sizes of spaces. The best thing about them is that they don’t require extensive planning. No wonder, the design has made it to the top choice of homeowners, who want no-fuss showers that still look attractive. It would be best, however, to consider a few things before installing one.

Consult an expert
The internet has a huge list of walk-in shower design options that you can take inspiration from. You may find that a particular design is not suited to your needs even though it looks great and comes up to be low in cost. It is always a good idea to consult a licensed builder, who can show you why it can work or doesn’t, and offer a realistic solution.

Think ahead
Remodeling can be expensive and time-consuming, which is why it’s important to think ahead before selecting a walk-in shower design. For example, a sizeable shower makes more sense if two or more people are going to use the bath area. Installing safety features, such as grab bars both the elderly and kids. Likewise, slip-resistant floors should be favored over others. Be clear about these details beforehand and you can save on expensive upgrades later on.

Function over form
A stylish shower looks great and can even add to the overall character of your home. Still, you need to ensure that the design isn’t overpowering the functionality. The shower should be practical and easily accessible. A wide entry can prevent water from splashing all around. No matter what style of shower you choose, make sure it covers these aspects.

Choose shower options carefully
There are several types of walk-in designs you can go for an enclosed style or an open one without a door. You could also opt for a self-contained unit like a shower pod that doesn’t need tiling or grouting but only a basic set up. All of them have pros and cons that should be weighed carefully. Consult your builder, who can recommend the best option for you.

Customize it at the outset
Walk-ins can be customized to suit different budgets so don’t let a smaller fund be a hindrance. To save money, you can go for one with minimal trimmings or install sprays, create a stylish tile focal point, have colored lighting, set up benches, a steam shower, etc. Whatever frills and fancies you want should be done at the outset, as it’s cheaper, requires less work, and takes less time to complete. Walk-in designs are highly customizable and adaptable. They can accommodate numerous add-ons and can be installed in old and new bathrooms alike. With so much going for these popular showers, it makes sense to consider having one installed. The tips outlined here should provide some insight into the many options available as well as the planning you need to do before settling on any one design.

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