Which is the right type of blind for you?

Which is the right type of blind for you?

If you are planning to buy blinds for your windows, then you must be very careful with your decision as they are a major aspect of any home decor. Choosing the right one without having a proper knowledge about them would be really very difficult. So here is a little insight on the type of blinds and their advantages.

Types of blinds:

Roller blinds
The most common among all blinds are the roller blinds. They have a side-winder cord to roll them up. They are very flexible and practical. Some of them are coated on top with a separate fabric to completely darken the room. They can also be easily customized to fit the size of your window by trimming. They come in different attractive patterns and colors.

Roman blinds
Roman blinds are the most graceful and elegant of all. If you have a taste for stylish decor, then you would definitely opt for Roman blinds. When pulled down, they hang straight. When you raise them, they form beautiful soft pleats. They are usually provided with a cord lock mechanism to operate them. They do not require much installation facilities.

Venetian blinds
A number of horizontal slats, when placed consecutively, form a Venetian blind. They are made from a wide range of materials starting from wood to PVC. They can readily be adjusted to control the inflow of light. You also have the option to choose from different widths of slat.

Vertical blinds
The vertical blinds comprise slats just like Venetian blinds except for the fact that the slats, in this case, are wider and are around 3.5 inches. The slats can be rotated to control your privacy and also the amount of light entering your room. These blinds are perfect, if you have a large window or a sliding glass door. They are available in two options split draw and one-way draw.

Deciding which blind is perfect for your room
Now that you know the different types of blinds, you should also learn how to choose the right one for yourself.

If you need less light, go for the blackout roller blinds, which are provided with fabric on top of it.
If privacy is your priority, then choosing the Venetian blinds or vertical blinds would be better. When these blinds are pulled down, you need not worry about the light as the slats can be adjusted to control the light inflow.
If you want a blind to be decorative and stylish, then Roman blinds would be a perfect choice. Also, there are some patterned roller blinds available in the markets, which have a fancy outlook. Both these types are very elegant and suit all your rooms.

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