Why you must consider using business cards

Why you must consider using business cards

Did you know that the first use of a business card dates back to China in the 15th century? It is safe to say that using business cards is a centuries-old tradition that remains unaffected even with the evolution in the modes of communication. These cards are a smart and cost-effective promotional tool, even in the age of social media.

If you are still not convinced about the use of business cards in today’s digital world, here are some points to convince you otherwise.

  • All your contact info in one place
    Business cards list your active calling numbers, current address, email accounts, and even toll-free numbers for customer support. All the information can be printed on one card with attractive fonts and themes. So, anyone looking to get in touch with you can have all the information handy.
  • Easy use and accessibility
    Keep your business cards in your wallet or stash a bundle in your bag. You don’t have to worry about having an active Internet connection or exchanging information. Instead, simply exchange a business card.
  • Great for advertising and marketing
    You can carry your business brand in your pocket stylishly. A custom business card represents your brand. So, the more cards in circulation, the better you can market your brand name and advertise your business. It is also a more economical way of advertising, as the printing cost is quite inexpensive in comparison to taking out a full-fledged advert in the local daily.
  • Help with business credibility
    There is a good amount of uncertainty surrounding a lucrative and profitable business, and one of the main challenges is to maintain credibility. Believe it or not, your business cards can help gain or recover credibility by earning the trust of your regular clients.
  • Not everyone is tech savvy
    Many don’t own a smartphone yet. Even Warren Buffet, the business goliath himself, prefers a simple phone to call and text. Seniors who are not tech savvy prefer an old-fashioned business card. So, always have a dozen prints handy in your wallet. Especially if that person is someone whose attention and investment is of paramount importance to you and your business.
  • Culturally appropriate
    In many countries, it is considered culturally appropriate to hand out a business card when asked for contact information. People from Japan expect a business card when you meet them for the first time to exchange information.

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