Fairfax Mental Health And Wellness Inc.

3554 Chain Bridge Rd Ste 103, Fairfax, VA

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  • 5675 Stone Rd Ste 320 Centreville

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    Located in Fairfax County, Fairfax Mental Health is a group of independent private practitioners who are mental health specialists.

  • 3554 Chain Bridge Rd Ste 103 Fairfax

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    (170) 325 - 9059

  • 9947 Corsica St Vienna

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    (184) 461 - 3084

    AMFM Mental Health Treatment Center is an integrative inpatient treatment provider specializing in acute primary psychiatric and dual-diagnosis care; fully addressing all healthcare needs of our clients. Each of our facilities house a maximum of eight residents with a dedicated clinical team. The limited number of residents enables our team to service a large range of clinical issues, while providing an individualized and intimate treatment process.As a leading mental health treatment center, each patient will receive a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and a weekly individual assessment with our psychiatrist. Our medical team is available 24/7 with on-site psychiatry.

  • 3302 Gallows Rd Falls Church

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  • 8348 Traford Ln Springfield

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    (157) 135 - 0306

  • 3141 Fairview Park Dr Ste 650 Falls Church

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  • 5021 Backlick Rd Annandale

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  • 7777 Leesburg pike suite 305S Falls church

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    Potomac Shores Mental Health and Wellness, situated in Woodbridge, Virginia, distinguishes itself as a premier hub for integrative psychiatry care, prioritizing a holistic methodology encompassing lifestyle, mental health, physical wellness, IV infusion therapy, Biote hormone replacement, and psychotherapy. Our team, led by accomplished board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioners Nola Ayoola-Yussuf, PMHNP-BC, and Lesley Grzybowski, PMHNP-BC specializes in providing comprehensive and conservative psychiatric care tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. Our therapists, Jennifer Hawkins, MSW, and Millicent Mack, MSW enrich our services with their expertise in psychotherapy. Our distinctive approach surpasses traditional methods by integrating psychiatry care with considerations for lifestyle, mind-body practices, state-of-the-art IV infusion therapy, Biote Pellet hormone replacement, and psychotherapy. Through this multifaceted treatment approach, we aim to restore patients' mental health by addressing various aspects of their overall well-being. Whether it's through medication management, therapeutic interventions, IV infusion therapy, Biote Pellet hormone replacement, or psychotherapy, our devoted team is dedicated to offering personalized assistance to individuals seeking to restore their mental health. We encourage patients to reach out to us anytime, fostering an open and supportive environment for expressing emotional and mental health concerns.

  • 7659 Leesburg Pike Falls Church

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    (170) 382 - 1143

  • 7643 Leesburg Pike Ste B Falls Church

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